About us

The impossible is nothing other than the limit of our imagination.

We are an interdisciplinary team. We are thinkers, developers, technicians and IT specialists with a high level of expertise in the field of autonomous vehicle technology. Although we differ in our mindset and actions, we are united by one particular strength: we are movers and shakers. For us, a vision only has value if it also becomes reality, which is why we attach great importance to being able to completely outline value-added processes from the first sketch to series-ready production. Our ingredients? Imagination, know-how and outstanding technology.


Not only do we look into the future, but see a great need for our work in the here and now, in which we develop solutions to acute problems and needs that others have simply not considered or thought through to date. We firmly believe that this is what makes the future possible in the first place.

Who will rescue the rescuers?

Why do we do it all? To protect and support people – in the private, public and commercial sectors. In particular, we focus on people who put themselves in danger to help others. It is precisely this multitude of aid and emergency workers who need the best protection in order to be able to act more easily, better and more safely. We see the constant support and optimisation of the performance of these people as an important cornerstone in ensuring that our modern society works. We therefore always act under the pretext of recognising relevant potential dangers in practice and reducing them to a minimum with market-leading technology.


Which future can we develop for you?