We understand service to be ultimate perfection along the entire value chain.

As developers, we offer a holistic approach and serve the entire value chain: from the initial idea and prototyping to readiness for series production in form, function and design. The guarantor for our services is our interdisciplinary team of highly specialised employees. Furthermore, we have a broad network of strong regional and national partners from trade and industry. Together we are united by the aspiration to overcome boundaries – through our thoughts and actions.

The idea(s)

There are many triggers for good ideas but always only one goal: to solve a problem. Whether the idea has potential or not depends on the relevance and dimension of the problem. At Alpha Robotics, our mission is to find solutions to acute problems in the here and now that protect and support people and significantly enable future developments. Of course, we are not the only ones with the best ideas. Therefore, we are particularly happy when others share their idea(s) with us and we substantiate them together and develop a plan for implementation.



The construction of a first prototype is always a decisive moment in the project process and starts off an extensive testing and trial phase under real conditions. Here we gather important insights in the team that flow directly into the further development of the project. For prototype construction, we have the latest production techniques at our disposal within the scope of our partner network, which enable us to implement outstanding technology.


Zero series / series production

The product has been put through its paces – form, function and design are perfect. What started as an idea becomes reality. By consistently planning and analysing all the necessary parts, groups and components, we are able to create optimum conditions for highly efficient series production right from the start. As a basis for the final release, we always produce a pilot series. In implementation, our focus is on small series production, depending on the project dimension. You manufacture yourself? Not a problem. We supply you with the complete production concept; perfectly aligned to your production lines.


Mobile operational networks

In order for emergency forces to be able to act quickly, safely and in a targeted manner in crisis situations, a comprehensive live overview of the operational area or the situation that is presenting itself is of crucial importance. As a specialist in mobile operational networks, we develop scalable air surveillance and communication systems that provide both image, video and map material in real time. Any number of vehicles or units but also emergency forces can be quickly and easily integrated into the network and thus contribute to the strategic expansion of the surveillance area.


Vehicle construction

Mobile, central units for control and/or reconnaissance/surveillance always play a major role in our developments. Any vehicle can serve as the basis for this, which we professionally convert and optimally equip, taking into account the required purpose. For example, in our Wolf R1 project a Mercedes Sprinter served as a means of transport for the tactical operations robot and at the same time as a high-tech control centre for the operator team.



Highly complex, autonomous technology requires not only a lot of know-how in development, but also in operation. In order for the corresponding technology to be used as effectively as possible, an almost “blind” understanding of function and control, but also targeted action in the event of technical malfunctions, is required. In practical training courses under real conditions, we make the relevant groups of people (e.g. fire brigade, police, rescue services, etc.) fit for operations.


Which future can we develop for you?